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Tue 13 March , 07

Dying of exposure in outer-space

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I came across an interesting blog post yesterday, which linked to an even more interesting blog post.
Basically, what would happen if you were suddenly thrown out of a spaceship (obviously whilst traveling through outer space) without a spacesuit.
There’s a few instances when such a thing has been depicted on screen, the one that springs to mind is in the film Event Horizon.

“In scores of science fiction stories, hapless adventurers find themselves unwittingly introduced to the vacuum of space without proper protection. There is often an alarming cacophony of screams and gasps as the increasingly bloated humans writhe and spasm. Their exposed veins and eyeballs soon bulge in what is clearly a disagreeable manner. The ill-fated adventurers rapidly swell like over-inflated balloons, ultimately bursting in a gruesome spray of blood.”

The full article can be found here :


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