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Tue 13 March , 07

Optical Camouflage

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Optical camouflage is a kind of active camouflage.

The idea itself is very simple; project a image on the front via tiny cameras on the back.

Whilst it’s not 100% transparent so it won’t make you fully invisible, yet, but it is a good starting point.

Just imagine how it would look if you placed this material over the front of a carwith the cameras at the back.

A 700k .mpg of it can be seen here. Other videos of the inventer’s can be seen here.



  1. I remember seeing that a little while ago. But there were no videos. That’s pretty funky, and the first thing that springs to mind is the Thermoptic Camouflage that features in Ghost in the Shell.

    I wonder how exactly they do it?
    It indicates a projector and a half mirror, which is fine when filming, but a little obvious in RL! Also, how they are projecting on the coat, and not their skin or the objects behind.

    Comment by hapaxlegomenon — Wed 14 March , 07 @ 09:44

  2. ing.
    Got distracted :P

    Comment by hapaxlegomenon — Wed 14 March , 07 @ 09:48

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