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Sun 8 April , 07


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Went carting (or karting as the place likes to call it) and out of seven of us that went I made the podium in thrid place.
What makes this noteworthy is that all the other six people consider themselves know-it-alls when it comes to motoring.
They’re all a bunch of petrol heads that like nothing more than to talk at length about cars, performance and how to get the most out of an engine.

One guy simply walked out of the place after hearing that he wasn’t in the final. After the final and the results had been announced another guy was so upset about his placing that he had the guy running the place take him through the heats and final positioning meticulously. Talk about bad losers.

Anyway, my Brother-in-Law was the winner and his girlfriend came in second place.
I had a fantastic night.


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  1. This really reminds me of that episode of ‘Spaced’ in which Tim and Mike go paintballing against their arch-enemy, Sean. If you haven’t seen it, I’ve got the DVD ;-)

    Comment by Asphodelia — Wed 11 April , 07 @ 14:43

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