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Tue 8 May , 07

New ‘phone

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My new 'phone

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. After months of saying that I wanted one I’ve bought myself a new mobile ‘phone and changed my tariff at the same time.

My now old ‘phone – a Nokia 8910 – has served me well for over three years, but a little carelessness on my part over the recent months has meant that it started to fall apart a little and the keys were becoming sporadically unresponsive.

So I bit the bullet and upgraded to another Nokia – all my mobile ‘phones have been made by Nokia, and I bought an 8800 Sirocco, black naturally.

It’s a really nice ‘phone, and the first personal mobile I’ve had with a camera in it (I really don’t think I’ll be using the camera that much to be honest and I wouldn’t have minded there being no camera at all, but you try getting a new, good looking mobile today without a camera being shoe-horned into the enclosure).

The only downside is all the ringtones and message alert tones are crap. I mean really crap. Not even remotely usable. So I’m on the prowl for a good tone. I could use an AAC file if I wanted to, but I really like the Low ring tone from my previous Nokias so I think I’ll try and find that to start with.


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  1. Hello matey…long time no speaky!!

    Love your new phone! I’m on a Sony Ericsson k800i meself…3mp camera in it, which is handy for the job I do…but talking about ringtones, you could do yourself a favour and save a packet against paying for ringtones from dodgy subscription services…I do it this way, and it’s funky!!

    Assuming your phone has bluetooth and mp3 player (good old nokia, I’m sure it will have!!), download AUDACITY (…and of course, as well as being PC-tastic, it’s MAC-friendly!!). This sound editor prog allows you to record anything which goes through your sound card…open the prog, then insert CD or DVD, hit record, play your tune, save as mp3, bluetooth the result to your phone…bingo!!

    I’d have emailed you about it, but I thought I’d stick it on your blog so anyone else who might not be aware of this method can help themselves!!

    Anything you have in your collection can be used as a ringtone or message tone…because it records what’s going through your soundcard, you can also play DVDs…capture favourite theme music…I currently have a nice segment of Doctor Who (from DVD) as me ringy…and for my message tone?

    From the episode “The Shakespere Code”…as the Doctor goes into Will’s place the first time…what better for a text alert than David Tennant’s doc saying “Scuse me, I’m not interrupting am I?”

    I thank you!!

    Comment by Gazza — Wed 9 May , 07 @ 16:51

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