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Thu 10 May , 07

[Review] Spider-Man 3

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If I really have to provide a rating I guess two not so happy smileys would be okay.

I just don’t get the need for this film (aside from the wonga).
Sequels are funny things, they either take the best of what came before and improve upon it, expanding themes, characters, relationships and expanding the overall story or they can take everything that was wrong/didn’t really work in the preceeding films and try and make amends and right what once went wrong.

Putting aside the whole comic mythology of Venom and how that was just swept aside for this film. Not really wanting to go into how this film is so reliant on inconceivable coincidences between all the main characters in this film either knowing each other or just being in the right place at the right time. Not wanting to really dwell upon the fact that Spider-Man should be about Spider-Man/Peter Parker, not the lives and times of his friends (or otherwise). Wanting to completly gloss over the soap opera elements of the story, and the lack of proper character motivation coupled with the fact that a 4th or 5th level character in the film comes out with a little bit of information that carries such import that you have to wonder why this didn’t surface in the first or even second film …

This film is just stupid.

Okay, so I see some of you getting ready to bash out the words “summer action film littered with special effects” on your keyboards I’d ask you to pause for a second and consider this … if I wanted mindless CGI action sequences I’d go out and buy a games console (and probably get the spidey game as a free throw-in), but even summer action flicks need a coherent story with likable characters – that’s the reason why Spidey has been about for over 40 years! This film just doesn’t have those elements to it – and that makes me sad to say of a Sam Raimi film.

So, on to the actual special effects. It was the only hope I had for this film, that it had actually improved on the effects of the previous 2 Spider-Man films. I was mistaken.
Granted, The Sandman was quite impressive, but the sequences in which Spidey is leaping from building to building are as obvious in their CGI creations as they were in the previous films. Yes, the technical ability is there, after all, it’s the most expensive film ever made, so technical ability shouldn’t be a problem to come by, but the effects in all Spider-Man films have fallen short of the mark.

So that’s it, my slightly overdue review of Spider-Man 3. For those of you that like it, then I hope they do make a Spidey 4 and that it lives up to all your expectations. Having seen all three films at the pictures though, unless something dramatic happens in the intervening years between now and any further sequel, I’ll be staying at home


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  1. Well I haven’t seen the 3rd movie and I can’t remember that much about the previous two. And there’s no way I could ever give such a well-constructed critique to a film as you do. But I’ve heard that the film is a disappointment so you got it right Mr Geek ;-)

    Comment by Asphodelia — Mon 14 May , 07 @ 10:20

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