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Thu 24 May , 07


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Next is the eighth film to have come from the works of author Philip K. Dick and like most of the other film adaptations of this writer Next falls short of the mark.

Next is about a man who can see into the future. Not far into the future, and into nobody else’s future apart from his own, apart from when it concerns a mysterious woman that he’s not yet met.

Much like every other Dick adaptation a lot had to be excised from the book in order to make a coherent film experience.
The Golden Man – which is the book this film is adapted from – is about a post-apocalyptic precognitive gold-skinned mutant with supernatural seductive powers (and no frontal lobe, hence no power of language) who is running around impregnating women with golden mutant babies. Humanity’s mistakes may have doomed it to be crowded off the Earth by feral supermen. Next, on the other hand, features Nicolas Cage as a precog Vegas magician being chased by the FBI to make him track down a nuclear bomb.

The director (Lee Tamahori) pushes things along with an energy that’s hard to fault, but I wasn’t entirely happy with other elements of the film.
Julianne Moore, who is usually a very reliable actress performs very sub par in this film. I also found the music a little overbearing in places too.

Nick Cage (and I know there’s people reading this that don’t like this actor) was very watchable, particularly in a scene where he was running through different outcomes to variable actions performed by his character.

For me it was Nick Cage that made this film watchable, if you don’t like him then you won’t like this film, but then again, if you don’t like him then why would you want to see a film where he has the lead role anyway.

So yeah, an okay film, but certainly no Blade Runner.
I’m still hoping that someday PKD’s stories start to become amazing films.


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