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Sat 23 June , 07

Self-healing Armour

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Following on from yesterday’s post of a ‘gay bomb’ we have a story about DARPA (which one commentator
calls “the crazy research arm of theInviShield Pentagon”) spending $15 million dollars trying to develop one-way, invisible, self-healing, shoot-through protective shields for use in urban combat situations.
Here’s the science bit : these shields will be created using metamaterials, ‘coded’ obscurant systems, and a bunch of other stuff that I’ve no idea about either.
You can find out (a little) more on the technical specs. here.

Apparently friendly forces will be able to see and – crucially – shoot through these shields, which I guess will render the term “friendly fire” an anachronism of the past. If this idea ever gets past the development stage, that is.


Fri 22 June , 07

Make Love, not War

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This month, the U.S. government confirmed that an Ohio Air Force laboratory had asked for $7.5 million to build a nonlethal “gay bomb,” a weapon that would encourage enemies to make love, not war.
The weapon would use strong aphrodisiacs to make enemy troops so sexually attracted to each other that they’d lose interest in fighting.

One “military expert”, Sharon Weinberger has been quoted as saying “Let’s let U.S. enemies do crazy things,” she said. “And let’s make sure the U.S. government does smart things.”

Have these people simply no concept of how their country is viewed from the outside in?

Anyway, if you want to read more you can click here.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a Kinks song :
It’s a mixed-up muddled-up shook-up world.

Sat 2 June , 07

Stripped to the Gears

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The Wall Gear Clock by Wil Van Den Bos takes the traditional wall clock and gives it a unique spin by exposing all the moving gears. Instead of hands, the large central gear spins slowly to tell the time. It would be cool if this were an all metal design, but considering the clock is an impressive 22 inches across, that much weight might be too much for wall hanging. If you are ready to throw out the grandfather for the Wall Gear Clock, you’ll have to wait until mid-June and be willing to fork over $150.

Me want. (8+)


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