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Fri 6 July , 07

3 Years ago today …

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I got married. (8+)
Today I’m in work, so we’ll be doing the celebrating (going out for food and a film) tomorrow.

My anniversary present from Geekette was a 4-port USB hub, in the shape of the TARDIS! (8+D

Click here for a 2.4 meg video demonstration of what happens when you plug something in (the sound can be turned off by a switch on the back of the unit).

EDIT – I did try to embed the .mov file but WordPress was having none of it. (8+(


  1. Congratulations to Sci-Fi Geek and Geekette!

    Best Beloved and I have been together for about 20 years now. It’s only now the cracks are beginning to show, but we’ll paper over them and carry on regardless.


    Comment by MadAsACat — Sat 7 July , 07 @ 18:56

  2. Happy Anniversary! I know I’m late but I just read it. Eight years is quite an accomplishment especially in this day and age.

    Comment by Bibi — Wed 25 July , 07 @ 23:33

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