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Wed 22 August , 07

Back to the Past

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It’s coming back!

Not only did it feature in the Back to the Future science fiction films, but it was also made in Northern Ireland : the return of the De Lorean!

The official word from the Motor Company (DMC) is
“Job one will begin the third quarter of this year, with delivery by Q1 of 2008. We’re aiming for $57,500 as the sale price.”

There’s going to be no modern, curvy lines added to it either :
it will look like a DeLorean — square nose, gull-wings and all.

It’s a car very much of it’s time, but I just hope they can keep production going for a very long time, as I’d love to see them on the roads again.
Granted, there will not be a Flux Capacitor, or a Mr. Fusion, and it’s ability to fly will probably belimited to dropping it out of a plane or driving it off a cliff, but you know, some things you just can’t help liking. (8+)




  1. this is such a cool car, my best friend bought one a few years ago on ebay for 500 pounds and its amazing to go out in.

    Comment by gareth — Mon 27 August , 07 @ 06:29

  2. Excellent news. The 1980’s produced some dreadful looking cars – but DeLorean got the angular look right.

    DeLorean also designed to Sinclair C5 body shell.

    Comment by Paul — Mon 17 September , 07 @ 13:36

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