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Sat 15 September , 07

Femtroopers FTW!

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Okay, this post is all about feeding the inner (adolescent) geek in me, so if there are any female readers that take offense at the rampant fanboyism of the content of this blog entry then I apologise in advance.

What I’m going to do here is simply quote one of the comments I read on – simply because I couldn’t put it better :
A few of the guys have admirably made attempts to explains the appeal.
Let me try.
It is like catching a glimpse into the handbag of a fine looking women and seeing that she has a set of roleplaying dice.

Geekness is not a male only domain but it comes close at times.

True Geek Chicks are a rare commodity and we love and cherish everyone of them.

Same reason we like

I’m not sure the bare midriff makes sense, but given that the stormtrooper armour doesn’t seem to do any actual good anyway, then I guess that’s okay …



Top row images from : left, middle, right.
Bottom row images : left, middle, right.

I guess now we know the real reason why TK 421 wasn’t at his post.
</geek humour>



  1. I’m the writer of – thanks for reading! You’re right about the comment… it’s not the actual sexiness of the outfit, it’s that the girls are combining sexuality and sheer sci-fi geekiness. So few women step into a geek’s world that when you see one that fully embraces it…well!

    Comment by Cibbuano — Mon 17 September , 07 @ 04:54

  2. Why oh why oh why was I not told of this phenomena before?
    Heavenstabetsy, when I get married, that’s what I want my bride to wear.
    With a change into Leia’s metal bikini for the reception, of course.

    Comment by Alex — Sun 21 October , 07 @ 20:41

  3. Alex, I made this entry over a month before you found it. That’s a whole month of you not knowing about this phenomena because you don’t subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog.
    Feel shame. Feel muchos shame. (8+p

    Comment by SFG — Mon 22 October , 07 @ 09:10

  4. You might become the first RSS feed kajigger I’ve ever subscribed to! :oP

    Comment by Alex — Mon 22 October , 07 @ 10:54

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