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Wed 24 October , 07

USB Disk Dock

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This is just the bee’s knees …

If, like me, you have numerous hard drives lying around and you do not have a spare enclosure handy to pop the drives into, and shutting down, opening your machine, installing the drive internally, and restarting – only to discover that what you were looking for isn’t on that drive, then this item is for you.

USB Disk Dock illustrating 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD usage

It’s basically a docking station that acts much like an iPod docking station in that you simply plug the hard drive into it, much like you used to do with the (now old skool) SNES. And that’s it. No fuss, no muss (what is muss anyway?).

It connects to your computer (Mac or Windows – not sure about Linux, sorry Linux users) via a USB cable and once a drive is inserted appears on your machine just like another other mountable drive. I guess it’s just like when you connect a digital camera to your computer.

It supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA drives and requires a separate power supply.
The oval blue light on the front of the unit indicates power and the button ejects the drive from the dock.

To keep the unit stable during use there has been extra weight added to it, which you will have to bare the brunt of if you were to get it posted out to you, I also suspect that the extra weight contributes to the $46 (USD) price-tag.

I know that having a drive capable of theoretical speeds of  upto 3GB per second is not ideal to have connected to a USB, but with USB 3
coming to consumers soon this product could really take off.

If only one could be developed now that uses FireWire 800!

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Fri 5 October , 07

Put Me in the Ocean

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I’d so love one of these floating habitats.
Over 10 meters high and over 15 meters in diameter the Jelly-fish 45 is a floating dwelling with enough room for up to six people.

The top level is is 5.6 metres above sea level, the next level down is 3.5 metres above sea level, the third level down is 1.4 metres above sea whilst the fourth is 0.8 meters. The final level is the below sea-level “observation” level, which is at a depth of -3 meters. All levels are interconnected by a spiral staircase running up and down the center of the structure.

The Jelly-fish Habitat by Giancarlo Zema

The Jelly-fish Habitat (interior) by Giancarlo Zema

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