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Fri 5 October , 07

Put Me in the Ocean

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I’d so love one of these floating habitats.
Over 10 meters high and over 15 meters in diameter the Jelly-fish 45 is a floating dwelling with enough room for up to six people.

The top level is is 5.6 metres above sea level, the next level down is 3.5 metres above sea level, the third level down is 1.4 metres above sea whilst the fourth is 0.8 meters. The final level is the below sea-level “observation” level, which is at a depth of -3 meters. All levels are interconnected by a spiral staircase running up and down the center of the structure.

The Jelly-fish Habitat by Giancarlo Zema

The Jelly-fish Habitat (interior) by Giancarlo Zema


  1. That looks awesome, wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy life size aquarium decorations to stick off in the distance in your underwater observation area. People come over and “Holy Crap, there is a sunken ship with a treasure chest!” Hey, the fish dig it.


    Comment by bc3263827 — Thu 18 October , 07 @ 13:41

  2. Bryan, I never thought of doing that. Basically you could be in the murky waters of anywhere around the British Isles and with good images up at the windows you could believe you were in the tropics.
    What a cool idea.

    Comment by SFG — Fri 19 October , 07 @ 18:19

  3. So basically that’s some sort of egg-shaped boat. Hmmm. Boats suck. But I guess that’s a more interesting type of boat. Still. It would make you sea-sick after a while I reckon.
    I’ll speak to Big Boss and see if he’s interesting in marketing one…

    Comment by Asphodelia — Thu 1 November , 07 @ 22:33

  4. Asphodelia, it’s only a boat in the sense that it has no sail and no other means of propulsion (or indeed steering). (8+p

    Comment by SFG — Sun 4 November , 07 @ 19:02

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