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Thu 22 November , 07

Nintendo Wii-Saber

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Never mind all this ‘Light Sword’ nonsense, wee all know what this is!

It’s the one thing that would make me actually splash the cash and get a games console (I currently have a PS2 that was a present from my Brother-in-Law, but it’s in the loft).

The Nintendo Wii-Saber

From the description :
“slip your Wii Remote into the handle and press the on button to instantly power up your light sword, the power up and down effect is done gradually until the light sword is at its full length.”
The Wii-Saber isn’t available just yet…but you won’t have too wait too long. has availability set for November 30th.



Fri 9 November , 07

Coming Soon – Update #2

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The release date for Balls of Fury has been put back to the 26th of December now. *sigh*

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