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Tue 25 December , 07

Ho ho ho (ha ha ha?)

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Bad Santa!

In Australia, the powers that be are trying to get mall Santa Clauses to change their traditional “ho ho ho” to “ha ha ha”, because of the negative connotation “ho” has towards women. They’re also postulating that it might be “scary” to children.

After having read this shining example of political correctness, I can only say this: FINALLY!!!

FINALLY, someone who’s paying attention to the BIG PICTURE, and to the TRUE insidious, treacherous, and dangerous nature of Christmas, and its vicious representative. I know my close friends and I have discussed, in barely-veiled tones of indignant outrage, that Santa has been sexually harassing us for years. We’d been afraid of speaking out until now, because of the ever-present threat that the old elf-diddling pedophile might break into our house, as he has done since we were children, eat our food, and rape us physically in addition to the psychological violation he has subjected us to all this time with his despicable laugh.

More from here.


Mon 24 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 24

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Weebl Advent #24

Sun 23 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 23

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Weebl Advent #23

Sat 22 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 22

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Weebl Advent #22

Fri 21 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 21

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Weebl Advent #21

Thu 20 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 20

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Weebel Advent #20

More on the Nikon D3

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I really haven’t had a lot of time to spend with the camera yet, despite having it for more than a week already.
I finish for Christmas tomorrow and I’ll have a week and-a-half off, so hopefully I’ll get to spend a little time with it then.

For now I have a couple of images and a few stats specific to my setup.
First the images …

Nikon D3 DX lens FFThis image is a DX lens taken using the full-frame sensor.
It illustrates perfectly just how DX lenses are not designed with full-frame cameras in mind.

(Image is clickable to get a bigger version)
The original .TIF image file size was 34.5 megs.


Nikon D3 / Nikon CoolPix 5700

This image illustrates just how big the Nikon D3 is compared to my previous camera – a Nikon CoolPix 5700.

(This image is also clickable)

I got a SanDisk Extreme IV 8GB Compact Flash card with the camera and just out of idle curiosoty I decided how many images I could get on the card using various image sizes.
I’ve reproduced the numbers below.
JPEG basic ~4,300
JPEG normal ~2,100
JPEG fine ~ 1,100
RAW 310
TIFF 214

Being a person that normally shoots TIFF I can really appreciate having dual CF card slots on the D3.

Wed 19 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 19

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Advent Calendar #19

Tue 18 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 18

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Weebl Advent Calendar #18

Mon 17 December , 07

Advent Calendar Day 17

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Weebl Advent Calendar #17

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