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Tue 29 January , 08

Sample Images

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So I went up on the the roof of a building in Belfast City Centre
last night with my D3 and the 14-24mm lens attached to it, and here’s what I got …
(click images for a larger view)

Roof 1 thumbnail
24mm, f/2.8, 1/10s, ISO 1,600

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Sun 27 January , 08

New Wide-angle Lens

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Nikon AF S 14-24mm Zoom LensI’ve finally done it. The final piece of my photography equipment landed into place yesterday; a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.
This is going to be my main lens, so it had to be a quality product.
It was really a toss-up between this lens and the 17-35mm lens, but as I already have a 24-120mm lens, getting the 17-35 would have caused needless overlap, so I decided the 14-24 was the better choice.

I don’t have any sample images yet.
As soon as I have fought off this cold that keeps threatening to go and then decides to stay a little bit longer, and I have the energy to want to go out and photograph things, I’ll post back and let you see them.

I actually took my camera down to the shop that was holding the lens for me and fired off a shot in the shop, but I haven’t uploaded to my computer yet.

Keep reading for tech. specs. and an external link to sample images. (more…)

Wed 23 January , 08

That’s no moon …

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Moon, or Death Star in the making?

Cassini’s tour of Saturn’s remarkable system of 31 moons took the probe past one of the ringed planet’s natural wonders: Mimas. The 250 mile wide satellite suffered a catastrophic impact that opened a wound one third of its diameter and nearly split the moon in half. Today, Mimas bears a striking resemblance to the Star Wars’ Death Star, which wrecked havoc on planets using its laser-focusing dish. In place of the laser dish, Mimas carries a crater peak the size of Mount Everest.

More here

Wed 16 January , 08

Outside the Government, Beyond the Police

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Tonight, 9pm, BBC 2

Fri 4 January , 08


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Shamlessly ripped off from Cult of Mac

Keynote Predictions Cert. (thumb)

Films of ’07

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For the past couple of years I’ve been keeping track of all the films I watch. There’s no big idea behind this, it’s just a bit of fun really.
Some of the notable films I saw last year are Children of Men (I finally saw it Rob), Tell no One, Stay and Stardust.
Possibly the worst film I saw all year would have to be DOA : Dead or Alive (sorry Alex, but at least it wasn’t Transformers eh?).

I’ve already started the list for this year.

Anyway, click the link to see the full list, broken down by month in the exact order I saw the films.


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