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Wed 23 January , 08

That’s no moon …

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Moon, or Death Star in the making?

Cassini’s tour of Saturn’s remarkable system of 31 moons took the probe past one of the ringed planet’s natural wonders: Mimas. The 250 mile wide satellite suffered a catastrophic impact that opened a wound one third of its diameter and nearly split the moon in half. Today, Mimas bears a striking resemblance to the Star Wars’ Death Star, which wrecked havoc on planets using its laser-focusing dish. In place of the laser dish, Mimas carries a crater peak the size of Mount Everest.

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  1. This is from the Star Wars outtakes reel, no? :P

    “That’s no moon; it’s a spa–no wait, it is a moon. My bad.”

    Comment by Matty — Thu 11 September , 08 @ 04:45

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