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Tue 29 January , 08

Sample Images

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So I went up on the the roof of a building in Belfast City Centre
last night with my D3 and the 14-24mm lens attached to it, and here’s what I got …
(click images for a larger view)

Roof 1 thumbnail
24mm, f/2.8, 1/10s, ISO 1,600


Roof 2 thumbnail
14mm, f/2.8, 1/5s, ISO 1,600
Roof 3 thumbnail
14mm, f/2.8, 1/3s, ISO 1,600
Roof 4 thumbnail
14mm, f/2.8, 1/10s, ISO 1,600


  1. Couldn’t you have used a lower ISO setting? That would have removed some of the noise and allowed you to use proper long exposures… still, lens looks nice and sharp throughout the frame, especially considering it’s f/2.8. If you use a smaller aperture you’ll really get to see the lens at its best.

    Comment by Nick — Tue 29 January , 08 @ 19:11

  2. I could have used a lower ISO, but I didn’t have my tripod with me so long exposures were out of the question without getting blurry images.
    These were all hand held.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Tue 29 January , 08 @ 19:14

  3. Nice – the lens I got with my camera in the summer goes down to 17mm – I’m hoping to get something wider later on in the year.

    I like wide angle photography – you can get some fascinating distortions. Use creatively!

    Comment by Paul — Tue 29 January , 08 @ 19:15

  4. Oh how I wish I had a full frame camera! And an f/2.8 lens, but either way I’m about to go and play with my new 17-40 f/4.

    Comment by Edd — Tue 29 January , 08 @ 19:25

  5. Not feeling in the slightest bit jealous, and likewise planning a wide-angle purchase in a month or so, I’m actually impressed that the noise in question looks very much like film grain. Most digital cameras end up showing digital noise that appears to follow the pixel grid.

    Nice work, Mr Rocking Egg Dude. Maybe try to sneak a tripod into work next time and do these again with lower ISO and longer shutter speed?


    Comment by The Sandwich Maker — Tue 29 January , 08 @ 20:34

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    I think a tripod will be the order of the day the next time I can get to the roof. And the weather’s good.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Wed 30 January , 08 @ 16:54

  7. Lovely Mark. (pictures, not you :-)
    How are you finding the beast? I was sorely tempted by a secondhand d2x until I realised they’re going for just under a D300 which, bought from Grays in London, gets me a 3 year warrantee. Now… what’s their phone number…

    Comment by Jeff Hicks — Sat 22 March , 08 @ 12:54

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