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Fri 23 May , 08

The 10 most Prophetic Sci-Fi Films

When Arthur C. Clarke died, science fiction – hell, science in general – lost one of its greatest, most forward-looking masters. In his honour, Popular Mechanics’s resident geek and sci-fi buff analyses the most eerily predictive, prescient films of the future. They’re not necessarily the best films – just the ones that got the science right, or will sometime soon.

I’m not going to list the films in ranking, instead I’m listing them alphabetically.
Clicking the images below will take you to their positions as well as write-ups by Popular Mechanics.

A Space Odyssey Blade Runner Destination Moon Gattaca
Mad Max 2 Minority Report The Running Man Short Circuit
Soylent Green The Truman Show


Tue 13 May , 08

New Car

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Just over two weeks ago I bought a new car.
In February I went to Donegal for a weekend. Despite living in Northern Ireland for over ten years it was my first trip to that part of the world. I went with four friends, my wife, our dog and my camera.

Where we stayed, Dungloe, had a wonderful sense of isolation to it, despite being part of a small development. A couple of miles down the road there was an almost deserted, secluded little windswept beach which was a definite high-point of the trip.
I vowed that we would be back.
The only problem was my beloved car, a ’98 Seat Arosa, really wasn’t up to the task of taking on the roads of Donegal. Don’t get me wrong, the main roads and motorways are fine, but some of the little twisty-windy roads that we went on tested my cars suspension to it’s maximum.
If I was to make good on my vow of returning I really needed a different motor to do it.

Which brings me to this post.


Sun 4 May , 08

Happy Star Wars Day

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Happy Star Wars Day

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