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Sat 28 June , 08

Car Accident

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I think I need a new car. (8+(

Yesterday morning, about 11:30 I was driving in the right-hand lane on a dual-carriage way and someone in the left-hand lane driving a truck decided to change lanes without looking in their mirror.
Side-swiped me and spun me 180º.

I was taken from the scene to hospital where I stayed strapped to a spinal board with a neck brace for 5 hours while they took many X-rays of my skull, neck and spine. The first 3.5 hours of that stay I simply could not stop myself from shaking. After being released, I now have a gash on the back of my head, sore legs and back and a very sore neck.

I was hoping to speak with the the police officer in charge of my case today, but she’s not back on duty until 10pm on Monday, I’ll know more specifics then, but all I know at the moment is the other driver is foreign *shrug*.
I called the recovery company and asked if I can get personal belongings from the car, which they said was okay. I took my camera along to get images of the damage.
It’s not a pretty sight.
The damage I ascertained in my very shaken-up condition whilst still at the scene of the accident was …
Rear bumper half hanging off
Driver door jammed and window shattered (because my head hit it)
Windscreen broken, but not shattered
Passenger door pretty much wrecked
The actual damage can be seen in the images at the foot of this post.

Yesterday I was really hoping that it wasn’t beyond economic repair.
Today, after assessing the damage, I’m not so hopeful.
I’m also hoping that the driver of the truck doesn’t claim I was in the wrong, because I’m not.
We shall see.

Passenger Door Damage Interior Destruction Driver Side - From Rear Driver Side - From Front

I have informed work that I will not be going in for the next week and I have an appointment booked with my GP on Wednesday afternoon.

I’m going for a rest now.


Sun 15 June , 08

Peak District by Camera – Book!

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Earlier this year I went to the Peak District for a few days on a photography trip with two other guys (Leon Calverley & Nick Miners).
We decided to get a book of images made up and mine arrived late last week.
The book contains 20 images from each of us.
I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. (8+)
My Mother-in-Law has already placed an order for a copy, and she thinks a few people at her place of work would also like a copy.
You can preview (and place orders!) for the book here.

Online galleries can also be viewed from each person.
These galleries don’t necessarily contain all images that are included in the book.

Nick Miners | Leon Calverley | Mark Casey (me)

Sun 1 June , 08

The Sci-Fi Geek Hierarchy

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Browsing the ‘net, as you do, I came across the following flowchart which details how some sci-fi geeks consider themselves less geeky than other sci-fi geeks.

Apparently I’m less geeky than SF/Fantasy Literature Fans but not as geeky as Trekkies Who Speak Klingon.

Where do you come in the chart?

Sci-Fi Geek Hierarchy Flowchart

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