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Sun 1 June , 08

The Sci-Fi Geek Hierarchy

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Browsing the ‘net, as you do, I came across the following flowchart which details how some sci-fi geeks consider themselves less geeky than other sci-fi geeks.

Apparently I’m less geeky than SF/Fantasy Literature Fans but not as geeky as Trekkies Who Speak Klingon.

Where do you come in the chart?

Sci-Fi Geek Hierarchy Flowchart



  1. Hmm, it took me a while to spot myself in that diagram.

    Anyway, it seems I fall between two stools somewhat. I appear to be less geeky that the whole top line save for SF TV Fans.


    Comment by The Sandwich Maker — Mon 2 June , 08 @ 08:34

  2. … and HOW geeky are the people who CREATE such flowcharts! ;)

    Comment by Chetamorton — Wed 14 January , 09 @ 04:29

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