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Wed 28 January , 09

Is technology getting in the way?

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This article came to me by way of a friend’s posting on Facebook, and the rest of this post is basically what I commented on that posting, but not everyone I know reading this uses Facebook.

I’m really not sure about this at all. I’ve never felt that I was missing anything while I was taking a picture of it.
Instead of feeling disconnected from the subject I feel that the technology I’m using is actually bringing me closer to whatever happens to be my subject of focus at that time.

Why can you not enjoy the music at a concert if you’re taking pictures? It’s different sensory stimulus. When I’m at the top of a cliff taking a photo I can still very much feel the sense of awe and wonder at the view that’s laid before me.

No, I certainly don’t feel that technology has hindered my appreciation of anything.



  1. I’m two-minded about this. It annoys the hell out of me when I go to see a concert and people seem to just want to film it on their mobile phones, rather than watching it and enjoying it live. I don’t mean the odd photo, rather the relentless mobile-phone wielding that is normally right in front me. But technology has added so many opportunities too, like being able to watch a show live on the internet, or getting that recording you always wanted etc.

    Comment by Asphodelia — Tue 3 February , 09 @ 19:28

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    Comment by Jarkko — Tue 3 March , 09 @ 08:06

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