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Sat 19 September , 09

100 Top Sci-Fi Films

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I’m looking for submissions to help compile my personal top 100.
I already have a long list of films to sort through, some of which won’t make the cut, but I’ve found it tough to come up with all the sci-fi films I’ve ever seen, so I’m looking for submissions to see if (a) there’s any I don’t already have in my list and (b) if there’s any good suggestions made that I haven’t yet seen so I can try and hunt them down and watch them before the list gets compiled.

I’m not just looking for Hollywood sci-fi either, U.K., European, Russian, Hong Kong … in fact any film that you think is seriously worthy of being in a top 100 I’m willing to accept as a valid submission.

The genesis for this idea came from another top 100 films that I’ve been following all this past week being published by Anthony Quinn of The Independent.

Click the link below to see a list of titles that I’ve already compiled and to see if you can think of any films that I don’t already have.
Please leave any title/s in the comments that you think worthy of inclusion that I’ve overlooked.

1984 [Michael Anderson, 1954]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [Richard Fleischer, 1954]
2001: A Space Odyssey [Stanley Kubrick, 1968]
A.I. – Artificial Intelligence [Steven Spielberg, 2001]
The Abyss [James Cameron, 1989]
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai [W D Richter, 1984]
Akira [Katsuhiro Otomo, 1987]
Alien [Ridley Scott, 1979]
Aliens [James Cameron, 1986]
Alphaville [Jean-Luc Goddard, 1965]
Altered States [Ken Russell, 1980]
The Andromeda Strain [Robert Wise, 1970]
Armageddon [Michael Bay, 1998]
Back to the Future [Robert Zemeckis, 1985]
Barbarella [Roger Vadim, 1967]
Blade Runner [Ridley Scott, 1982]
Brazil [Terry Gilliam, 1985]
The Bride of Frankenstein [James Whale, 1935]
Capricorn One [Peter Hyams, 1978]
The City Of Lost Children [Caro & Jeunet, 1995]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Steven Spielberg, 1977]
Colossus: The Forbin Project [Joseph Sargent, 1969]
Contact [Robert Zemeckis, 1996]
Cube [Vincenzo Natali, 1997]
Dark City [Alex Proyas, 1998]
Dark Star [John Carpenter, 1974]
The Day the Earth Stood Still [Robert Wise, 1951]
Donnie Darko [Richard Kelly, 2001]
Dune [David Lynch, 1984]
E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial [Steven Spielberg, 1982]
Earth vs the Flying Saucers [Fred F Sears, 1956]
Enemy Mine [Wolfgang Petersen, 1985]
Equilibrium [Kurt Wimmer, 2002]
Eraserhead [David Lynch, 1977]
Escape From New York [John Carpenter, 1981]
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [Michel Gondry, 2004]
Event Horizon [Paul W S Anderson, 1997]
Fahrenheit 451 [Francois Truffaut, 1966]
Fantastic Voyage [Richard Fleischer, 1966]
The Fifth Element [Luc Besson, 1997]
First Men In the Moon [Nathan Juran, 1964]
Flash Gordon (1980) [Mike Hodges, 1980]
Flatliners [Joel Schumacher, 1990]
The Fly [David Cronenberg, 1986]
The Fly [Kurt Neumann, 1958]
Forbidden Planet [Fred M Wilcox, 1956]
Frankenstein [James Whale, 1931]
Galaxy Quest [Dean Parisot, 1999]
Gattaca [Andrew Niccol, 1997]
Gremlins [Joe Dante, 1984]
The Hidden [Jack Sholder, 1987]
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy [Garth Jennings, 2005]
I Am Legend [Francis Lawrence, 2007]
I, Robot [Alex Proyas, 2004]
The Incredible Shrinking Man [Jack Arnold, 1957]
The Incredibles [Brad Bird, 2004]
Independence Day [Roland Emmerich, 1996]
Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Don Siegel, 1956]
Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Philip Kaufman, 1978]
The Invisible Man [James Whale, 1933]
The Iron Giant [Brad Bird, 1999]
Iron Man [Jon Favreau, 2008]
Journey to the Center of the Earth [Henry Levin, 1959]
Jurassic Park [Steven Spielberg, 1993]
La Jetee [Chris Marker, 1963]
The Last Starfighter [Nick Castle, 1984]
Logan’s Run [Michael Anderson, 1976]
Mad Max [George Miller, 1979]
The Man Who Fell to Earth [Nicolas Roeg, 1976]
Mars Attacks! [Tim Burton, 1996]
The Matrix [L & A Wachowski, 1999]
Men in Black [Barry Sonnenfeld, 1997]
Metropolis [Fritz Lang, 1926]
Nineteen Eighty-Four [Michael Radford, 1984]
The Omega Man [Boris Sagal, 1971]
Open Your Eyes (Abre los Ojos) [Alejandro Amenábar, 1997]
Outland [Peter Hyams, 1981]
Pitch Black [David Twohy, 2000]
Planet of the Apes [Franklin J Schaffner, 1968]
Predator [John McTiernan, 1987]
Quatermass & the Pit [Roy Ward Baker, 1967]
The Quatermass Experiment [Val Guest, 1955]
Re-Animator [Stuart Gordon, 1985]
Repo Man [Alex Cox, 1984]
Robinson Crusoe On Mars [Byron Haskin, 1964]
RoboCop [Paul Verhoeven, 1987]
Rollerball [Norman Jewison, 1975]
A Scanner Darkly [Richard Linklater, 2006]
Scanners [David Cronenberg, 1981]
Seconds [John Frankenheimer, 1966]
Serenity [Joss Whedon, 2005]
Silent Running [Douglas Turnbull, 1971]
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow [Kerry Conran, 2004]
Slaughterhouse Five [George Roy Hill, 1972]
Solaris [Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972]
Soylent Green [Richard Fleischer, 1973]
Star Trek: First Contact [Jonathan Frakes, 1996]
Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan [Nicholas Meyer, 1982]
Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home [Leonard Nimoy, 1986]
Star Trek VI – Undiscovered Country [Nicholas Meyer, 1991]
Star Wars I-III (1999-2005) [George Lucas, 1999]
Star Wars Trilogy IV-VI (1977-83) [George Lucas, et al, 1977]
Stargate [Roland Emmerich, 1994]
Starman [John Carpenter, 1984]
The Stepford Wives [Bryan Forbes, 1975]
Strange Days [Kathryn Bigelow, 1995]
Sunshine [Danny Boyle, 2007]
Superman [Richard Donner, 1978]
Superman Returns [Bryan Singer, 2006]
The Terminator [James Cameron, 1984]
Terminator 2 – Judgement Day [James Cameron, 1991]
Them! [Gordon Douglas, 1954]
They Live [John Carpenter, 1988]
The Thing [John Carpenter, 1982]
Things to Come [William C Menzies, 1936]
This Island Earth [Joseph Newman, 1955]
THX-1138 [George Lucas, 1970]
Time After Time [Nicholas Meyer, 1979]
The Time Machine [George Pal, 1960]
Total Recall [Paul Verhoeven, 1990]
A Trip to the Moon [George Melies, 1902]
Tron [Steven Lisberger, 1982]
The Truman Show [Peter Weir, 1998]
Twelve Monkeys [Terry Gilliam, 1995]
V for Vendetta [James McTeigue, 2005]
Videodrome [David Cronenberg, 1983]
Village of the Damned [Wolf Rilla, 1960]
The War of the Worlds [Byron Haskin, 1953]
WarGames [John Badham, 1983]
Westworld [Michael Crichton, 1973]
When Worlds Collide [Rudolph Mate, 1951]
X – The Man With X-Ray Eyes [Roger Corman, 1963]
The X-Files [Rob Bowman, 1998]
X-Men [Bryan Singer, 2000]
Young Frankenstein [Mel Brooks, 1974]
Zardoz [John Boorman, 1974]



  1. Minority Report? Or do you exclude all Tom Cruise films by default (understandable if you do)

    Comment by Dr House — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 10:51

  2. Hmm, is Minority Report worthy of being in a top 100 list?
    Maybe, but it’s not a clear call. However I have seen it so I’ll include it in the list above.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 10:53

  3. Hmm… suppose not, guess it depends whether you find 100 better films or not!

    But there is one glaring omission, which you may not have seen, in which case you should see it IMMEDIATELY.


    Comment by Dr House — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 11:00

  4. You’re right, I haven’t seen that. I shall view as soon as I can and see about adding it to the list.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 11:01

  5. Exiztenz (sp) ?
    Solaris (new version) – still an excellent film despite suffering by comparison to the original?
    28 Days Later?

    Comment by Dr House — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 11:02

  6. I did think about 28 Days Later, but thought it was more of a horror film.
    I know it was based around a scientific cock-up, but is the film actually science fiction?

    I think I had this dilemma with a few titles that I thought of.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Sat 19 September , 09 @ 11:05

  7. Phantasm?
    The Incubus?

    Comment by Lisa Nuttall-Minard — Sun 20 September , 09 @ 08:06

  8. incredible voyage with raquel welch,
    of course 2001,
    silent running
    Demon seed

    Comment by mark — Mon 2 November , 09 @ 05:43

  9. Barberella and Silent Running are both in the list, as is 2001. Demon Seed is an interesting choice and I’ll try and check out Incredible Voyage.
    Thanks for commenting.

    Comment by SciFiGeek — Mon 2 November , 09 @ 11:16

  10. This is an Awsome List. Love Back to the future films and Star Wars films (all time fav) I like Ghost in the Shell too

    Comment by Nick — Sat 22 October , 11 @ 07:36

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