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Wed 30 June , 10

Depp as Who?

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Okay, so you may have heard the rumour that Johnny Depp is to play Doctor Who in a new American feature film.
No? Oh, well here’s the link.

I’m very unsure about this.
There’s obviously scope to do things right, and if done right it could certainly add longevity to the character. Remember that The Doctor only gets 12 regenerations, so there’s only two more incarnations left to come – this is assuming they tie in any possible film with the canon of the the TV show.

There’s nothing to say that the TV show hasn’t shown us all the Doctor’s versions and we are currently on the final one in TV land. Depp’s Doctor could be the version where we finally get to see the time war in all it’s big-screen glory.

It’s nice to speculate, but at the moment this is all just based on a rumour. It’s likely a rumour set in motion by someone at a big Hollywood studio just to gauge the reception a likely film may get. Johnny Depp may just be a name that’s thrown out there as he’s a popular actor of the day.
Who knows?




  1. I completely agree with what you say in your final paragraph. It sounds like a very silly rumour to me. Popular though it is with its audience, I don’t see how Doctor Who can have the mainstream appeal to warrant a Hollywood version. Sounds like a bit of mischief to get the fans talking and keep interest in the show high to me.

    If you’re interested, I’ve just posted my own review of season 5 (or should that be series 31?) I would love to exchange views with you. In the meantime, roll on Christmas special. I can’t wait!

    Comment by Tim — Fri 2 July , 10 @ 10:39

  2. Oh wow. I just read your season 31 overview.
    I don’t know what to say about it right now, other than it’s very comprehensive and I agree with so many points you make.
    Let me digest what you say and then I’ll get back to you, commenting directly on your post.

    Comment by Mark — Fri 2 July , 10 @ 11:16

  3. Hmmm….if I recall correctly, wasn’t the Master on his uppers in the 70s..last regeneration, I remember him all black and burnt-up looking, but the Time Lords granted him a new cycle of regenerations for some reason…possibly to introduce that concept for when the Doctor was running out of lives??

    Comment by Garry Scott — Wed 14 July , 10 @ 23:36

  4. That’s right Garry. The Master was indeed granted further life, so it’s totally possible that this could happen with The Doctor too.
    And Tim, this comment has reminded me that I haven’t yet commented properly on your post, I’ll sort that out.

    Comment by Mark — Thu 15 July , 10 @ 08:52

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