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Sat 12 February , 11

Stop raping my childhood you bastards!

Some (and by that I mean one or two only) are films that I think could do with being remade, but the vast majority of the films that follow I simply cannot understand why they would need remaking.

I do understand some of the motivations for Hollywood to remake films – lapsing of copyright on the originating materials being chief among them – but is it really expecting too much from the leading producer of western cinematic product to give us some originality?
If the films fail at the box office at least they would have tried, rather than having a lacklustre attempt at regaining the fever (or otherwise) that greeted the original.
Anyway, on with the list, and in no particular order …

When Worlds Collide



The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Flash Gordon


Logan’s Run

Forbidden Planet

Fahrenheit 451

The Illustrated Man


The Last Starfighter

The Evil Dead

Conan the Barbarian



Escape from New York

Short Circuit

Red Sonja

An American Werewolf in London

The Blob



Ghost in the Shell

Judge Dredd

Mad Max

Fantastic Four

Flight of the Navigator



The Neverending Story




  1. You forgot the Medievil dead. ;D

    Comment by Ant — Fri 11 November , 11 @ 16:34

  2. Hollywood is trying to bring all the comics to the big screen just to make money, some are cool, like Sin City, the Spiret, What was that? And ther’re trying to bring back 80 movies for some reason. Now there running 3D into the ground. Go figure. That’s Hollywood for ya.

    Comment by Nick — Sun 22 January , 12 @ 22:07

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