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Sun 8 August , 10

Blake’s 7 Remake Scrapped

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Sky1 has abandoned it’s plans to bring back Blake’s 7, according to the Media Guardian and other news outlets.
The Media Guardian quotes “Following the development process we have decided not to produce Blake’s 7. However, Sky continues to invest heavily in original drama and it remains at the heart of our plans,” said a spokeswoman for Sky1. “We have just announced an extended run for the second series of Chris Ryan’s Strike Back and we’ll soon be unveiling a new long-running series for prime time.

This both saddens me as well as cheers me.
This is quite possibly my all-time favourite science fiction TV show, and as such I wouldn’t like it to make a come-back and be derided. It also means I’ll not see an inferior version of the greatest space ship design ever (in my opinion).
It saddens me because it means the door has now closed – for the time being – on any possible greatness that a remake could have achieved – think the recent “re-imagining” of Battlestar Galactica.

I do still hope that this show will one day make a triumphant come-back and be as much loved again as the recent Doctor Who is now. I guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.


Fri 25 April , 08

Blake’s 7 to return?

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Probably one of the most treasured British science fiction shows is rumoured to be (possibly) making a comeback.
Blake’s 7, originally aired between ’78-’81, was one of those shows that just captured my imagination as a child. It wasn’t until much later that I was able to fully grasp the complexity of the stories proper, and to this day I still think the opening episode is one of the finest pieces of televisual sci-fi storytelling produced in this country.

I find it of no surprise what-so-ever that the recent revival of Doctor Who is being mentioned along side this news story. Terry Nation played an instrumental part in the longevity of Who by creating the Daleks as a nemesis to the Doctor. For those not in the know, Terry Nation created Blake’s 7.

I do hope Sky can make something out of this.
There was a big fanfare following Sky’s announcement that it was to revive another British tele-fantasy staple – The Prisoner, but nothing became of that.

It would be nice if this revival, rumoured to consist of only the commissioning of two, 60-minute scripts at this moment in time, could attract some talen like the caliber which is currently associated with the recent Battlestar Galactica revival.
If id did then I really wouldn’t mind this thing only running to 3 seasons.
One caveat though, it would have to feature a DSV-1 for the main cvrew. Without that it’s like Doctor Who without the TARDIS.

Mon 17 September , 07

DSV-1 Liberator

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As a follow-up to this entry I made in March this year, I can now report that I am the proud owner of a partially assembled DSV-1 Liberator resin model.

It needs a lot of restoration work doing to it. Paint needs removing. Panels that were attached wonky need re-attaching straight.
I’m going to start on the paint stripping this week (today actually). I really don’t want to damage any of the kit so I’m going to have to be super-careful.
I’ve bought some fine grit wet ‘n’ dry and I’ll be sourcing a scalpel and a set of small files of assorted shapes for the more intricate work.

I already have many photos detailing some of the botches that have been made to the model so far (see below), but as an example of what it could end up looking like take a look-see here. This is the exact same model that I have. I can, at this moment, only dream of a finished model like that one.

Rolling over each thumbnail provides a description of that image.001002003
011012Wonky Weapons Strut

I think from all these images you can see that the paint hasn’t been applied too thickly, as the detail of the model is still clearly visible. This should mean the paint clean-up will hopefully be pain free. We’ll see.

Since taking the images above I have actually broken this down to it’s main units; 3 weapons pods with struts attached to each, the (assembled) drive unit, and the main hull. During this I discovered that one of the weapons pod struts had been attached wonky (final image above), so that will need removing and reattaching straight.

A huge thank you should go out to Wayne M. He was the person that sold me this model. We had been in contact since the 20th of August, and he was simply fantastic at answering any questions I had regarding the model. He even posted it to me on approval – at his own expense, so thank you very much Wayne.

I will be keeping this blog updated on the progress I make on the model, so stay tuned. (8+)

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