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Sat 5 June , 10


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If you’ve seen the film District 9 you may be familiar with Sharlto Copley who played Wikus in that film (he’s also playing ‘Mad’ Murdock in the upcoming A-Team film).
Well, apparently before he took up acting in films he was directing films.
A long gestating project of his is a film called Spoon. According to IMDB, Spoon is “A thriller with supernatural overtones about a man with a medical condition that causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress and leads him to make a remarkable discovery about himself.”.

Starring Darren Boyd (The Green Wing & Magicians) as the titular character Darren Spoon it also features Rutger Hauer as his father Victor Spoon.

Linked below is a short teaser trailer to announce the project.
The main feeling I get from this is a Videodrome sort of film, possibly with a bit of Scanners thrown in.
There’s really not much to go on but it looks like an interesting project. The official ‘site for the film is sparse of material at the moment but I guess it’s only a matter of time before something is done with it (at least I hope so).

Looking around the ‘net for any more information relating to this project I happened across a very detailed blog concerning the whole production process of the film. I haven’t read nearly all of the entries yet (there’s a lot of ’em) but what I have read has been very insightful.
Take a look for yourself over at and see what you think.

Anyway, the teaser for the film is here, you’ll need to scroll a little down the page to get to it.


Wed 26 May , 10

Science Fiction Rules

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That is, the rules of science fiction.

In a totally shameless theft, I stole the majority of this entry from Fearsome Pirate over at but please don’t hold that against me, as I’ve added a few extra links and text to try and make my offering a little more educational and relevant to myself. (8+)

I am frequently insulted by the stupidity of Hollywood but I totally understand that what it does it does in the name of ‘entertainment’, as such I can (more or less) forgive such inaccuries as those listed below.


Mon 24 May , 10

Super 8

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The first teaser trailer has gone online for this Steven Spielberg produced, J.J. Abrams directed film.
Much like the way he handled the secrecy for his Star Trek reboot, Abrams is treating the specifics about this film very secretively, only releasing material for it as part of a viral marketing campaign not too dissimilar to the way in which the marketing for Cloverfield was handled (Abrams was producer on Cloverfield).

Super 8 trailer
(other ‘sites/hosts are available)

There’s rumours (aren’t there always?!?) that this is actually a prequel to Cloverfield, though this early in the marketing campaign I’d be a little surprised if that nugget turned out to be true.
The film itself isn’t scheduled to be released until 2011, so there’s loads of time to debate/argue about what it will or will not be.

Sun 23 May , 10

Robin Hood … In Space

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I recently came across a very timely article by Dean Newman comparing Blake’s 7 to Robin Hood.
Some of the points he makes are wonderful observations.

As some of my more regular readers will know, Blake’s 7 is my favourite science fiction TV show. It has been since pretty much the first time I saw it during it’s original broadcast in the UK.
This hasn’t ever changed despite the numerous new and remake shows that have hit our screens in the intervening years.

Anyway, here’s the article.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fri 2 April , 10

Nanoscale Model of the Enterprise-D

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This Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D of Star Trek : The Next Generation was fabricated by Takayuki Hoshino & Shinji Matsui in 2003 (I don’t know why it only appears to be doing the rounds now) for the 47th International Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication Bizarre/Beautiful Micrograph Contest. Phew.
The model is an incredible 1:1,000,000,000,000 (European, (1:1,000,000,000 American)) scale – that’s 1 billionth scale.
To put it in more reasonable terms it measures a mere 8.8 micrometers long – there are 1000 micrometers in 1 millimetre.
Here’s the science bit …
It was created using a 30 kV Ga+ focused-ion- beam Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) that uses phenanthrene gas.
They should’ve created a tiny Borg cube to go with it, but the crowning glory (as if this wasn’t enough already) would have come if they managed to get the NCC-1701-D on the saucer section.

Thu 1 April , 10

Sci-Fi Fans

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Browsing around the net and I happened upon this Sci-Fi Superfan Reference Manual.
Now it’s more of a chart than it is a manual, but it’s still rather a fun diversion for 5 minutes.
The original can be found at

Tue 25 December , 07

Ho ho ho (ha ha ha?)

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Bad Santa!

In Australia, the powers that be are trying to get mall Santa Clauses to change their traditional “ho ho ho” to “ha ha ha”, because of the negative connotation “ho” has towards women. They’re also postulating that it might be “scary” to children.

After having read this shining example of political correctness, I can only say this: FINALLY!!!

FINALLY, someone who’s paying attention to the BIG PICTURE, and to the TRUE insidious, treacherous, and dangerous nature of Christmas, and its vicious representative. I know my close friends and I have discussed, in barely-veiled tones of indignant outrage, that Santa has been sexually harassing us for years. We’d been afraid of speaking out until now, because of the ever-present threat that the old elf-diddling pedophile might break into our house, as he has done since we were children, eat our food, and rape us physically in addition to the psychological violation he has subjected us to all this time with his despicable laugh.

More from here.

Fri 20 July , 07

Open Source Collaborative Film-making

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A new open source film project aims to create a full community of users who collaborate in the creation and execution of a short science-fiction film titled Jathia’s Wager, from writing and editing the script to choosing the cast.

Initially launched by Solomon Rothman Films, the project is currently in stage 1 of a 7 stage process. The initial script has been uploaded and released online and they’re calling for creative individuals to share in and shape every step in the journey to bring this film to life.

Jathia’s Wager is an open source collaborative filmmaking project where the community works together to write, produce and distribute a movie for free via the Internet.

For a full rundown of the project and how to get involved click here.

Sat 5 May , 07

‘Net premier for new science fiction film

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YouTube is launching a new animated science fiction show. The interesting part of this event is that YouTube is using the show, Afterworld, to test their marketing abilities.

“with ambitions of tapping the Internet video advertising market, the producers of Afterworld will also provide Google-owned YouTube with its first real chance to demonstrate its revenue generating potential—just as the site gears up to roll out video commercials this summer.” Says Red Herring

“This will be one of the early tests to see if they can scale the advertising to these kinds of audiences,” said Gartner analyst Mike McGuire.

The curious bit for me though – aside from the fact that this is a rather ambitious project in itself, even before the use of the ‘net as the medium to premier this show – is the following :
“the Gang at Electric Farm have hung on to Internet distribution rights in the U.S.”
Does that mean that anyone outside the U.S. won’t actually be able to see this film on the ‘net? I haven’t been able to dig up any more information so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but it wouldn’t come as any sort of shock to me if we couldn’t. *sigh*

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