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Thu 10 June , 10

Torchwood 4

It’s been confirmed, Torchwood season 4 is go!
This makes me very happy.
It was looking decidedly unlikely that Torchwood would get comissioned for a fourth season after the very well received season 3 ended on the 10th of July 2009. The fact it’s taken quite so long (almost a full year) to get to the point where the BBC is comfortable enough in announcing the fourth season is a go is a good indication that a lot of backroom dealings have likely taken place to get to this point.

No matter. I’m just really pleased that Torchwood will be making a return to our screens.

It’s had a very impressive career as a show, first premiering on BBC3 for it’s first season, then moving to BBC2 for it’s second and shifting to BBC1 for it’s five night Children of Earth season 3. Now  we’re told that season four will “see storylines widen to include locations in the U.S. and around the world.”.

This show just keeps going from strength to strength and moving from primarily U.K. based stories to be more inclusive of the rest of the world is a natural progression. After all, Torchwood is a global organisation, so why not show some of the other operations from around the world.
Let’s also not forget that the show has very strong relations with Doctor Who. Could we see The Doctor , Amy (or whatever companion The Doctor has at that time) and the TARDIS  land in America for a cross-over? Who knows!

Torchwood returns with international flavour
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Thu 9 July , 09

Torchwood : Children of Earth (parts 1-3)

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Yes I’m watching it, and yes, I’m enjoying it tremendously.

This post will contain some spoiler material that those that haven’t viewed the episodes yet may not want to know about.

To answer a couple of points that a poster (Paul) made on my forum (in this Torchwood thread), the concrete cell didn’t even register with me as being remotely like the interior of that concrete house made by Rachel Whitehead, but then, I have major problems with that particular story element, namely, it dried too fast, it should’ve ripped Jack apart when it broke up on impact, it really shouldn’t have broken up on impact (it should have buried itself more than breaking up) and Jack should have been cooked alive as the concrete dried.

Now knowing that Anthony Gormley, who did the Angel of the North, did something similar to the container that the 456 are in adds nothing to the story line to me.
I actually thought it more reminiscent of ambassador Kosh in Babylon 5 and the encounter suit. When he was out of the suit he had to remain in a sealed off portion of B5 with his own atmosphere.

I thought that the blowing up of the Torchwood Hub was a budgetary decision.
This has much larger ramifications in the mythos of Torchwood though, what happened to the people and creatures contained within it? What about all the alien tech that has seemingly gone up in smoke?
It’s all a bit too clean at the moment. These things need to be addressed if the show lives on after the end of this week.

On that note, if this is the future format of this show, then please, can we have two per year?
This is proper event TV and having just one week a year isn’t going to help with maintaining audiences – even though the BBC shouldn’t really be about the audience figures.

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