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Mon 20 April , 09

Busy Weekend

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After work on Friday I started planning a photographicing trip to the local reservoir to capture the sunset.
I got the time of the sunset and decided to set off an hour early as I hadn’t actually been to this location before. During the drive to get there I realised that I had got the time the sun sets on the horizon, not when it’s likely to vanish behind the tops of the trees. Consequently I missed the sun passing the treeline by about 60 seconds. (8+(
The location was still worth taking images of though so I did just that.
Arrived back later than expected – and a lot more tired too which resulted in me oversleeping on Saturday morning by about 40 minutes.
I managed to make it in to work only 15 minutes late.

Saturday night was a very late one. I went to a mates house where I totally geeked out on a potoshoot. I think I got back home around 3am.

Yesterday me and Geekette and my Brother-in-Law and his girlfriend and Honey all went out to a local coastal spot. What was planned as a half-hour trip ended up taking the best part of 3 hours.
It was a little hazy to start with but that cleared up a little bit and I think I got so good photos from it.

I think I’ll have a bit of a rest from photography this week (though I do plan on taking a fun photo comp entry and another pic for a group on Flickr I started over the weekend) because at the end of next week I have a full day of photographicing planned with a couple of mates that starts at arounud 4am and finishes at about 10 or 11pm.

All my images from the weekend will eventually make it up on my Flickr photostream, as well as my Facebook profile.


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