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Wed 29 October , 08

What is Kirill?

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A few days ago someone called Rupert posted the following on my About this blog page …
My name is Rupert, and I’m working on a new Sci-fi project called Kirill, in conjunction with Microsoft MSN and Digital Studios (a little digital studio part of Endemol UK), and we would really like your opinion and feedback on the project so far. Here is the link to the video introducing the whole concept and explaining a little more.

This intrigued me enough to go searching for Kirill.
I didn’t really find any definitive answers, so I’ll ask about it here, perhaps you ot can help me work out exactly what it is.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s just some sort of viral campaign for a game, or a film (though imdb doesn’t have anything on the title) or a TV show or, well, anything really.
Is it simply something to do with Halowe’en?

Following the link Rupert posted it has an MSN logo on the page, so it’s likely to be some sort of online venture I’d guess, but what?

I don’t know. Do you?


Sat 4 October , 08


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A break of two months (give or take) and I’m back … with a rant, of sorts.

The background
I’m going to a friends wedding next year which is being held in Las Vegas, so I have to save up, and to help with that I’m whoring myself with regards to overtime in work.

Today I’m working a 17hr day, all overtime (please, don’t get too excited, my basic is not much really), and I’ve just been informed about this (also here).
Now, you may, or may not, be aware that I’m Jedi by choice and missing this is a real downer.
Seriously, I can’t describe just how annoyed I am at missing this.
It’s on both days this weekend and I’m doing overtime today and I’m on my normal shift tomorrow.

Just earlier today I was looking on eBay at Stormtrooper outfits.

If I’d’ve known about this early last week I’m not sure I’d’ve taken todays overtime.


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