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Wed 4 May , 11


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Thu 21 October , 10

The Guardian’s top 25 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films

For the past week or so the Guardian has been running a series of film lists, running down the top 25 in specific genres.
The science fiction and fantasy top 25 was posted today, and I have issues with it. (more…)

Thu 1 April , 10

Sci-Fi Fans

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Browsing around the net and I happened upon this Sci-Fi Superfan Reference Manual.
Now it’s more of a chart than it is a manual, but it’s still rather a fun diversion for 5 minutes.
The original can be found at

Wed 12 November , 08

Early Star Wars Storyboards

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This one came to me by way of my forum.

Not much to say really other than it’s a Flickr set of early Star Wars storyboard images. How early, you might be asking? Well, the Mellinnium Falcon was still being called ‘pirate ship’ and it’s design hadn’t yet been finalised, that’s how early.
My favourite image in that set is the one of the prototype Darth Vader – read the comments and you’ll understand.

I hope you enjoy, and may the Force be with you. Always.

Sat 4 October , 08


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A break of two months (give or take) and I’m back … with a rant, of sorts.

The background
I’m going to a friends wedding next year which is being held in Las Vegas, so I have to save up, and to help with that I’m whoring myself with regards to overtime in work.

Today I’m working a 17hr day, all overtime (please, don’t get too excited, my basic is not much really), and I’ve just been informed about this (also here).
Now, you may, or may not, be aware that I’m Jedi by choice and missing this is a real downer.
Seriously, I can’t describe just how annoyed I am at missing this.
It’s on both days this weekend and I’m doing overtime today and I’m on my normal shift tomorrow.

Just earlier today I was looking on eBay at Stormtrooper outfits.

If I’d’ve known about this early last week I’m not sure I’d’ve taken todays overtime.


Sun 4 May , 08

Happy Star Wars Day

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Happy Star Wars Day

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